How to Save on Your Kitchen Remodel

kitchen remodelKitchen remodels can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars if you are doing a complete overhaul. However, not every kitchen needs a complete remodel. In fact, there are many ways to save money on a kitchen remodel when you invest in a few small items that will make the biggest impact. Here are a few tips.

Save Your Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the most costly parts of a kitchen remodel. Not only are the cabinets themselves quite expensive, but paying for installation can run up your renovation costs very quickly. The good news is that you can probably save yourself a ton of money by simply reimagining your cabinets. Start by removing the cabinet doors, selecting a trim, and learning how to apply the trim to the doors to give them a more decorative look. Then all you have to do is repaint and remount the doors.

Change Up the Moulding

If your kitchen is lacking finesse, it may be time to add a little bit of moulding to create a more refined look. For instance, base mouldings and crown mouldings that introduce texture to the transition between walls, floors and ceilings can drastically change the look of a room. Moulding also gives you the chance to add a pop of contrasting color that draws the eye.

With these two simple projects you can reimagine your kitchen without spending a fortune. Volterra offers a number of trim options from very simple to very intricate, which are perfect for updating your cabinets or finishing out a room with moulding. To learn more, visit our online catalog today.

How Durable Are Faux Beams?

faux beamsWhether you’re planning on adding faux beams to the interior of your house, or you want to use them to build a gazebo or other structure outside, understanding durability is an important part of your planning. You don’t want to invest in products that will not stand up to the test of time, so it’s important that you know your faux beams are virtually maintenance free.

Heavy Duty Construction

Faux beams are made of a high density foam product that is both lightweight and extremely hard. This allows it to mimic the look and feel of real wood beams while making it significantly easier to work with in construction. High density foam is poured into a master mold and when extracted is very dense.

Durable Finish

Beams are available in a variety of textures that mimic natural wood. Once the beam has been formed, a finish coat is applied to the outside, or the beam can be left primed for a custom faux finish application.

Faux beams are a great option for updating your home’s interior and exterior without having to worry about future maintenance. These beams are made to last, and they come in many varieties so you can order exactly what you want the first time. To see more options, visit Volterra online today and check out our gallery of colors and designs.

Fresh New Ceiling Design Ideas

ceiling design ideasOne of the biggest trends in interior design these days is using faux wood beams and trim to create patterns on an otherwise bland ceiling. Most often, this is done with straight beams, or in a crosshatch pattern. But if you’re looking for something really flashy, here are a few new design ideas.

Geometric Shapes

Instead of using perfectly symmetric boxes on your ceiling, consider changing things up with geometric shapes. You can do this by creating individual boxes of varying sizes, along with rectangles, triangles and even open ended Ls. Then, you can secure these shapes to the ceiling by rotating them at different angles to create a pattern that is unique to you. Alternatively, you can start with one central shape, and attach your geometric designs in an outward pattern to form a snowflake.


If you are not sure that the texture of beams and geometric shapes is right for you, consider using faux wood planks for your ceiling design instead. However, instead of running your planks in long straight lines, cut the ends at opposing 45° angles so you can generate a herringbone pattern across the links of your entire ceiling. This will add dimension while keeping the installation simple and straightforward.

These are just a few ways that you can change up the ceiling designs that are already becoming popular, and add something fresh to your room. To learn more about these products, contact Volterra Architectural Products online.

Adding Finishing Touches to Your Dream House

Beautiful dream homeWhen you set out to design your dream house, you want to be sure that you get every detail right. There is no point in designing a dream house if you stop short of the finishing touches. That is where Volterra comes in.

Start With the Trim

While it may not be as exciting as picking out new countertops, the hardwood or MDF trim that you decide to use around your baseboards and for crown molding is just as important. Choosing a flat, plain design can give your room a modern look, while choosing a more detailed and layered trim can speak to your classical tastes.

Don’t Neglect Your Walls and Ceilings

Another aspect of your dream home design should be your wall decor and your ceilings. With faux wood planks and beams, you can make any room look like a rustic cabin, a high-end dining room, or an artistic focal point in your house. It is best if you make these decisions early on in your design process so that any beams, trusses, or corbels can be customized to suit your vision.

For help with finishing your dream house design, contact Volterra architectural products today. Our team can help you select from a wide range of trim and accent options that will bring your final dream home design to life.

Benefits of Faux Finish Walls

faux finish wallsGone are the days of using wallpaper and stucco as the only means of dressing up our walls. Today, there are a number of faux finish wall materials that can help you expand your interior design in new directions. Let’s take a look at some of the beneficial ways these faux finish walls can work for you.

Beautiful Design at a Fraction of the Cost

Imagine you wanted a beautiful interior brick wall to serve as the backdrop or accent in your living room. In the past, this type of design would’ve been nearly impossible unless you were willing to spend a fortune to have someone lay actual brick. And even then, it would be impractical. The same is true of many wood plank and reclaimed barn wood style walls, as well as natural aged plaster. That is why designers are incorporating faux finish walls that are made to mimic the design and style of these materials without the enormous cost of bringing them in and installing them the traditional way. In addition, these faux wall finishes make it possible to dress up your walls without causing significant permanent damage to the surface behind them.

Easier to Maintain

In addition to simplifying the installation process, faux finish walls also have the added benefit of being easier to maintain over the long term. Because these wall finishes are made with acrylic materials, they can be properly sealed against dirt and grime. The sealant also prevents them from aging, so in the future, your faux finish walls will look just as great as they do on the day you install them.

To see a full selection of faux finish wall options, visit Volterra online. We have a number of beautiful faux finish designs that can be used to give your home a rustic or traditional look that you can’t get anywhere else.

Ways to Incorporate Mediterranean Design in Your Bedroom

mediterranean designMediterranean design never gets old or tired, and that’s why so many people are looking for ways to bring this style into their homes. Not only does it lift our spirits, but it helps us relax by taking us on a virtual vacation to one of the most beautiful places in the world. If you’re looking for a way to bring Mediterranean style to your bedroom, consider these two simple tricks.

Add Texture and Color

One of the most notable aspects of Mediterranean design is the wide range of textures and colors that are used to create the look. Bright blues, calming beiges, and splashes of other colors are used in layers to reflect the natural colors of the Mediterranean region. Furthermore, stone and wood textures add to the look.

Add Depth

Depth can be added to your room by adding fresh trim around your windows, doors and ceilings. With simple moulding, you can make each of these elements pop, while also creating a great opportunity to add contrast colors. By making these lines sharp, your room gains more dimension, creating portals to the outside world.

No matter what your budget looks like, you can find simple ways to add Mediterranean design elements to your bedroom in no time. Start small by painting your walls, or go big by adding wood beams and bold trim. To learn more, visit Volterra online and check out our full selection of beautiful hardwood and faux wood products.

How to Achieve Luxury Design on a Budget

luxury designAchieving luxury design in your home does not mean you have to spend an arm and a leg. Luxury design is about more than what the raw materials cost. Instead, it’s about how you make the materials work together, side-by-side. The fact is: you can spend a fortune on luxury materials that don’t work together, and end up with a mess, or you can take a budget-conscious approach and end up with a beautiful luxury design that could trick the best designers in the business. Here are a few tips to get luxury design on a budget:

Less is More

Today’s design aesthetic features open concepts, light and airy rooms, and no more clutter. Simply subtracting excess furniture and junk from a room can put you closer to the luxury design you envision. Do away with busy, complex cabinets and fixtures, and go for something sleek and modern.

Update the Trim

Sometimes, the only difference between a standard design and a luxury design is the type of trim that was used. In many cases, this can be easily fixed by adding some crown moulding or panel moulding on your own. It costs a fraction of buying the luxury brand, and it’s easy to do in a weekend.

Whatever you do, just remember that luxury design doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Here at Volterra Architectural Products, we specialize in beautiful trim work and other materials to give you the home of your dreams. Visit our gallery to see more today.

Walk Into a New Season With These 2019 Fall Design Trends

fall design trendsFall is almost here, and with that comes change. Change in the weather, change in our wardrobes, and potentially… changes to our homes. If you’re looking to revamp your home for the fall, here are three fall design trends to consider.

A Wood Panelled Wall (or Walls!)

Wood paneling is a fall design trend that invokes feelings of warmth. If you’re looking to make a subtle statement, try using wood planks to create an accent wall. This not only goes with practically any wall paint color, it is a great way to add texture and visual interest to your home. If you really want some rustic charm, you can panel multiple walls with wood or even the floor as well, giving your home a farmhouse aesthetic.

Bold, Dark and All-Encompassing Color

While minimalist and neutral Scandinavian design was all the rage these past few years, darker and bold colors are being ushered in for fall. And not just in the form of one colorful wall, but a colorful room with all walls and accents painted, including baseboards and trim. This new design trend perfectly suits the incoming fall season, as this is when leaves go from green to deep reds, oranges, and yellows themselves, perfectly aligning with this immersive trend.

Full and Unique Backsplashes

Backsplashes have long been popular in the home design space, but for fall, many are opting for full backsplashes that utilize wall space to the maximum (often to the ceiling) and come in eye-catching colors and patterns. There are a multitude of ways to be creative with backsplashes beyond just patterns this fall, as unique shapes, textures and materials are coming to the forefront.

Does fall have you inspired to spruce up your home? Maybe it’s one of these fall trends or maybe you just want to add new trim to your doors. Volterra Architectural Products can assist you! Contact us today to get started.

Why You Should Use HDF Corbels in Your House

foam corbelsSince time immemorial, corbels have been used as not just support structures but decorative elements which add life to otherwise lifeless construction. Over the years, corbels have undergone massive changes in both the composition of the corbel material and the decorative details on the corbels. We moved from the medieval stone corbels to wooden corbels, and we are now seeing a dominance of high density foam corbels.

Although not as structurally strong as stone or wood, foam corbels are just as effective as the two, and they have their advantages which have seen millions of people fall in love with them. If you are in the market for corbels, here are reasons why foam corbels should be your go-to option:

Authentic Beauty

Whether you are looking to achieve the rustic look of natural wood or want a contemporary personalized style, foam corbels will help you achieve the look of your dreams. Foam corbels are highly customizable to help you achieve the elegance your house needs.


Foam corbels are very durable and will withstand the elements for years. Corbels are very solid and structurally sound. Whether you intend to use them as door corbels, window corbels or even wall corbels, they will stand strong for many years.

More Versatile than Wood and Stone

Foam corbels are more versatile compared to wood and stone. Foam is very easy to work with, and you can customize it into different designs and add more elements to the corbels. With their versatility, you can use foam corbels in a range of spaces without them looking out of place.


Foam corbels are more affordable than their wooden and stone counterparts. For all their versatility and beauty, you won’t have to break the bank. You can buy them at very affordable rates and use them to build your dream home.

Want the best foam corbels for renovations or building a new home? Give us a call here at Volterra for the best foam corbels in the market.

4 Simple Ideas to Decorate Your Fireplace Mantel

mantelsAlthough millions of people invest in stylish fireplaces to warm up their living space, very few people manage to exploit the full potential of fireplaces. Some people try and spruce up the architectural exuberance of the fireplace by wrapping a mantel around the fireplace, but this is still not enough. To make the fireplace a focal point in the living room, you need to go a step further and decorate the mantel. Although it is possible to invest in a decorated mantel, it’s challenging to come across a decorative style that resonates with your style and is consistent with the rest of the living room set up. To help you spruce up your living room’s look, here are four simple ideas on how to decorate the fireplace mantel:

Use of Greenery

Most fireplaces are made from dull colors which can easily weigh down the life of any space. To counter the dark colors of the fireplace, invest in greenery which you can place on top of the fireplace mantel.

Green flowers are a fresh breath of air in any space and their color always blends in with most design styles. The choice of the flowers depends on your taste, but you should be careful not to stack too many flower pots on the mantel, as this makes the living space look too crowded.

Use Artwork

Have you been looking for a space to pin your family portraits? Are you an artsy person looking for the perfect space to express yourself? The mantel is the ideal place to place photos and other pieces of art to make your space even better.

Add Mirrors

Mirrors not only lighten a space by adding light, but they also make a space appear bigger than it is. Stick up one or two mirrors on your fireplace mantel and let it light up your living space.

Make the Mantel the Home Tech Center

Yes, you can use your television screen and audio speakers to breathe life into the dull fireplace. Mount your TV right above the mantel and place audio speakers on the mantel and you will have yourself a tech center in your living space.

Are you looking for architectural products to spruce up your home? Volterra has plenty of options, including interior and exterior products. Contact us today to get started.