Rather than settling for what many refer to as “cookie cutter” homes that all have a similar look, many people choose to remodel or restore an older home for more customization and to enjoy the history and character an older home offers. Home restoration can be an enormous undertaking but there are some simple tricks that can save time and money along the way. When doing a home restoration project, moulding and millwork are elements that can both beautify your older home as well as hide the imperfections that have manifested over the years. In every home, and in every room, hallway, and entranceway, ‘meeting places’ abound – architectural meeting places, that is. Architectural meeting places are transition spaces, where one type of material ends and another begins - for example, where doors meet walls, where ceilings meet walls, where walls meet windows, and where walls meet floors. It’s in these meeting spots that moulding and millwork do their best work. Imperfections tend to exist in these lines and corners, especially in older homes, but can be hidden beautifully by moulding and millwork for a clean, finished look. Volterra stocks numerous profiles, and can produce virtually any custom profile in a variety of wood species to meet the most discriminating and unique design requirements for window casings, baseboard and shoe mouldings, crown mouldings, and panel mouldings. To learn more about Volterra’s selection of moulding and millwork, visit Volterra online or call 602.258.7373.