Shutters on homes were first used in the Middle Ages were first used during the time of King Henry VIII.  Glass was considered a rare and expensive luxury item, so glass was used on the tops of windows, while shutters made of solid wooden boards were used on the bottom to let in air and light. By 1700, two glass windows had become more common. It was at this time that shutters began to cover the full length of windows. While you may not consider glass a luxury item, these days, there are still many reasons to use shutters for your exterior window dressing. Not only are shutters aesthetically pleasing, but the sturdiness and easy upkeep of faux wood shutters make them a cost effective investment that will last for years to come, while continuing to add to your home’s value. Volterra has three styles of decorative shutters made of high density polyurethane foam (HDF) that are sure to fit any style or type of window. Sizes are available to fit most any window measurement. To learn more about the different styles of shutters available for your home or for other interior design ideas, peruse Volterra Architectural Products website or call us at 602-278-7373.