When you think of a typical Arizona home, desert landscaping, a warm color palette, or terra cotta flooring might come to mind. While these are beautiful features, you may wish to model your interior design plans after something different. Perhaps a stately home, à la the English countryside. There's no easier way to evoke this atmosphere than with panel moulding. Panel moulding is a cost-efficient, effective way to add a touch of class to any room in your home. Follow these seven easy steps to ensure proper installation:
  1. If you wish to have your moulding be a different color, prime and paint your molding, and let dry.
  2. Measure your wall space to determine the correct dimensions for your panel moulding.
  3. Cut the panel moulding to the desired length and width. For precision, we recommend using a miter saw.
  4. Make reference lines on the wall where the top point of your moulding will hit. Double-check your markings with a level to ensure they are evenly-spaced and straight.
  5. Attach moulding with a nail gun. Continuously use the level to ensure you're attaching the moulding evenly.
  6. Use molding putty to fill in the nail holes.
  7. If necessary, touch up any spots with paint.
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