So many neighborhoods today are cookie-cutter designed, with every house on the block looking exactly the same. Most homeowners add a coat of color paint to the outside walls, put up some house numbers, and stop there, but there are so many creative ways to add visual distinction and appeal to set your house apart from the rest. One way to give a boost to the exterior of your home is with the use of L-headers. L-headers are wood or replicated wood, horizontal planks or beams that are used to frame a window or entryway. Adding L-headers above the front windows, doorways, and garage doors are a very simple way to enhance architectural style, which instantly uplifts a home’s curb appeal. Volterra’s faux wood L-headers are a practical, affordable, durable and lightweight alternative to wooden headers. They’re 1-inch thick and available in any width, height and length to accommodate the size of your windows or entryways. Covering all the bases, faux wood L-headers from Volterra conveniently come in several simulated wood textures as well as multiple wood grain stain colors, ranging from dark, rich espresso to light oak. Once you see what a difference a small accessory can make to the front side, you’ll want to add L-headers around the whole house, including the pergola or trellis in the garden landscape. Made from high-density foam (HDF), unlike real wood, our faux wood products are made to withstand the outdoor elements. These beautiful and functional L-headers resist warping, cracking, splitting, rotting, swelling and pest infestation. Volterra’s decorative L-headers can be used together with our other products, such as our faux wood shutters, corbels and brackets to take the exterior of your home one style-step further.