Does the interior of your home say "trendy"? It can. For 2017 style gurus, the world of interior design is embracing focal points that are both faux and functional. With artisan elements that add interest and infuse the mind with thoughts of simpler times, natural wood beams with textured wood-grain and warm tones will coax guests in to an inviting environment. Work smarter not harder. Light faux wood beams encase unsightly wires and exhibit a rustic appeal while making installment a walk in the park! Pairing well with the up-and-coming trend of terracotta and touches of dark green, Volterra faux wood beams complete a look that says earthy and approachable. Out with the austere and in with the welcoming glow of neutrals and natural. Let your social gatherings reach a new level of success when friends' gazes are drawn to the appearance of handcrafted beams dressing up your ceiling.

Customizing Character

Make anything trendy with a touch of personality. Your interior design tastes say a lot about you. Are you quirky or are you casual?  Are both convenience  and aesthetics important to you? Below are a few ways Volterra Achitectural Products addresses your need for originality with faux wood beam options that suit your own unique eye for interior design:

1. What's your Type?

Do you prefer rustic or a little bit of Italian style?  Is Rough Sawn your texture of choice, or perhaps the textured, grooved look of Sandblast? Any faux wood beam stain is the right one if it speaks for your personal taste and your home's character.

2. Get Rid of the Disconnect!

Stay current with U-shaped beams that are ideal for keeping technology from intruding on family gatherings. Hide awkwardly placed pipes, wires, and unseemly hardware with 3-sided faux beams, so you can share focused quality time with the ones' you love.

3. Desert Chic in the Desert?

The desert theme is a "thing" in the coming year. Arizona residents have the perfect climate to cater to desert chic. Lighter colored wood beams gleam like a Moroccan's dream, setting any bold pattern off in perfect harmony.  Nothing says eye-catching like a carefully selected green cactus plant coupled with a neutral palette. Let your interior bring in the new year with a warmth that welcomes your guests to come in and linger. Ensure your gift for interior design carries over into 2017! Volterra Architectural Projects can help you hone in on your avant-garde style sense!