Engineered wood beams are one of the most popular housing design trends on the market. Engineered wood is a beautiful decorative option. It allows you to have the exact appearance of wood that you want, but save money, since the engineered wood is actually made of various kinds of wood layered together. Because of this, engineered wood is popular for decorative wooden aspects such as wood flooring or furniture. It’s also very popular for decorative beams along the ceiling. Engineered wood beams can match flooring choices in order to bring a room together. Here are a few of the most popular questions that we’re asked regarding engineered wood beams:

What is it made of?

Engineered wood is made of natural wood. However, instead of a solid beam, engineered wood can be made of several layers of wood, sealed together by glue. The term “engineered wood” includes a wide range of options, from structural composite lumber (SCL) like laminated veneer lumber, to glulam, which can be customized and built larger than SCLs.

Is it as strong as natural wood?

As mentioned above, there are many different kinds of engineered wood. There are also many different strengths to natural wood, so it greatly depends on which engineered and natural wood you’re referring to. However, for the purposes of wooden beam projects, engineered wood is often stronger. This is especially evident when it comes to moisture resistance.

Is engineered wood eco-friendly?

Customers are more and more concerned about the sustainability of their building products. At first glance, you may be fooled into thinking that anything engineered can’t be as eco-friendly as something “natural.” However, it’s important to note that engineered wood allows us to better utilize harvested lumber, which means that less trees are sacrificed to provide you with your wooden beams. Low toxicity glue also reduces the amount of chemicals going into production.

How will it look?

The great benefit of engineered wood is that it gives you the appearance you want on the exterior, but costs less, because the interior is made of laminate layers of wood. This means that the beautiful appearance of a unique exotic hardwood is in your grasp, without taxing the environment or your wallet as much. Do you have more questions about engineered wood beams? Give us a call today!