When we think of crown moulding, we often think of its use on the interior of homes with large open ceilings, laced with layers of woodwork. However, crown moulding is a feature used on the exterior of homes in places where we can appreciate its value, yet we rarely think of it as separate from the rest of the house’s trim. The addition of exterior crown moulding can make a big difference in the way your house looks from the road.

Hide Plain Soffits

The area where a roof overhangs the exterior walls of the house are often left plain or simply covered by a simple plastic trim which doesn’t enhance the finished look of the roof line. This oversight can be remedied with the help of exterior crown moulding. Exterior crown moulding can be applied just beneath the soffits and gutters to create a gentle transition into the sides of the wall instead of a harsh line.

Breaking Up Long Lines 

Many roof lines and the length of a home is made up of long, uninterrupted lines which fail to draw the eye. By adding exterior crown moulding which includes some vertical elements, you can break up long flat stretches and add intrigue. If you have flat, painted walls with relatively little texture, a strip of exterior crown moulding can help break the look of the house into top and bottom sections, while adding contrast. There are many ways exterior crown moulding can give your home a fresh new look. The most important part is the knowledge that crown moulding isn’t only reserved for interior use. Volterra Architectural Products carries faux wood crown moulding which can stand the test of time in all climates without becoming badly weathered. To see more of our crown moulding products, check out our online catalog today or contact with your questions by calling 602-258-7373.