A vaulted ceiling with beams creates a profound visual impact on anyone who enters your home. The long lines of the beams make your vaulted ceilings appear taller and more pronounced. They can also tie together open spaces by creating visual links between rooms and sections of your home. Now you can create your very own vaulted ceiling with beams using faux wood products.  

Give the Room Definition

While vaulted ceilings make rooms feel large and airy, they do pose one problem. If they are left blank, the ceiling can reach a point where it becomes hard to see clear lines. This can make the room feel empty, instead of achieving the inviting look you were going for. Enhancing your vaulted ceiling with beams can clearly help the peak of the vault and create direction and warmth in the room.  

Add Trusses

If your space still feels empty after adding beams, you can go one step further by adding trusses. Faux wood trusses come in many varieties, including partial trusses that attach along the walls and up part of the ceiling. These products are easy to install and add an extra touch of flair to a room that already has a vaulted ceiling with beams in place. Beautiful arched trusses can give your home that iconic cathedral look.  

Bring Back the History

Vaulted ceilings with beams are very popular in historic homes. If you are trying to renovate your home to bring back some of its original character and charm, ceiling beams are a useful option. Exposed ceiling beams were very common in construction for decades, and only recently have homeowners begun covering them. Whether you’re creating a rustic space or something more classic, a vaulted ceiling with beams can complete the look.   For more information about selecting faux wood ceiling beams and trusses for your home, contact Volterra today. We have a huge selection of truss styles and beam sizes to create the perfect look for your vaulted ceilings.