Mouldings are an essential part of any interior finishing. Without mouldings, a room looks bare and incomplete. As a home owner or interior designer, it is imperative to take time out and think about the perfect moulding for your interior project. Over the past few years, stained mouldings have grown in popularity and more interior designers are deciding on them over other available mouldings. If you are a home owner or interior designer wondering why there is a sudden surge in the number of people finishing their interior works with stained mouldings, here are 3 reasons why stained mouldings are ideal for your upcoming project.

3 Reasons Why Stained Mouldings are Perfect for Interior Projects


Stained mouldings are appealing to the eye. No matter where they are used, stained mouldings will not overwhelm the look of the room, but will subtly bring out the best aesthetics. Stained mouldings have a distinctive warmth which is especially essential in living rooms, as it makes guests feel at home.

Stained Mouldings Morph Easily into Different Architectural Designs

The beauty of stained mouldings is that they offer unmatched versatility when it comes to interior design. Not only are they able to fit in with any architectural design, stained mouldings don’t conflict with color, which makes it easy for them to blend into any room design. No matter what color the walls, floor, or ceiling are, the stained mouldings will have the same spectacular effect and aesthetically transform any room.

Easy Maintenance

Stained mouldings require very little maintenance, while offering longevity. They don’t easily show dirt or stains, and in the unlikely event of them getting dirty, all it takes to clean them is a clean piece of cloth and clean water. It’s easy to keep your moulding looking beautiful all year long. If you are looking for the best stained mouldings for your interior project, look no further than Volterra’s way. We have a large collection of high quality stained molding profiles and sizes. Call Volterra Architectural Products at 602-258-7373 for the best mouldings on the market.