Unknown to many home owners, the design of the outdoor face of your home is just as important as inside. Many times, designers concentrate too much on the inside and forget to give the exterior of their home a facelift. This should not be the case, because proper exterior remodeling and design will not only increase your property’s aesthetic value, but will add monetary value to the investment, especially if you are planning to sell at some point. The beauty of outdoor design and remodeling is in the variety of options to choose from. It does not need as much intricacy as interior design and is more pocket-friendly. If the exterior of your home looks plain and lacks character, then here are 3 simple tips to help you spice things up a little bit and give your home a unique look:

1. Accentuate windows and doors with trims

Beyond landscaping and the roof of your home, the front door and windows are the first things people notice when they approach any house. The last thing you want is for your front door and windows to lack character and give your guests a bad impression about your home.  It only takes the addition of high quality trim to your front door and windows from Volterra Architectural Products to give your home charm and personality that will make a lasting first impression to your guests.

2. Add much needed curb appeal to your home using corbels and brackets

Add some much needed curb appeal to your property by using our lavish and intricately designed decorative exterior brackets and corbels. The corbels can be used just below the roof or around the corners and edges of the house and will add subtle character to the walls.

3. Vents- simple, effective and eye-catching

As much as vents are a necessity for ventilation, they can also be a  good decorative element for the exterior. Peruse through the range of vents we have here in Volterra and choose the type and design of vents which will help eliminate the monotony of plain walls. Volterra Architectural Products offers a variety of products that can give your home an updated look. Help your home stand out from the crowd by contacting us on our website of by calling 602-258-7373.