3 Reasons Why Stained Mouldings are Perfect for Interior Projects

Mouldings are an essential part of any interior finishing. Without mouldings, a room looks bare and incomplete. As a home owner or interior designer, it is imperative to take time out and think about the perfect moulding for your interior project.

Over the past few years, stained mouldings have grown in popularity and more interior […]

Best Wall Accents to Accent Your Stained Moulding

Stained crown mouldings are the most common types of mouldings use to trim interiors and add depth. Stained moulding is loved by many because of the simplicity they offer to interior design finishing. They give your home a more natural and satiny look which suits any home design.

As conventional and common as stained mouldings […]

Best Wall Colors For Stained Trim

Many homeowners prefer stained moulding to painted moulding to keep the wood closer to its natural roots. In the other camp are the homeowners who like the crisp look of white or off-white painted moulding because it seems to go with everything, making wall color choices easier. The natural look of wood stain, preserving the […]

Refreshing Your Old Wooden Trim – Paint or Stain?

Architecturally speaking, trim, or moulding, is the icing on the cake of any room or hallway. If your home were a gift, painted or stained moulding, such as base floor moulding, ceiling crown moulding, window and entry door casings, and chair railings, would be the difference between a box simply covered in wrapping paper and […]