Stairway Wainscoting with Panel Moulding

Open stairways present an interesting opportunity to add a bold visual feature in any home. For the most part, we rely upon detailed banisters to add some flair to the staircase. With the help of panel moulding, you can even add a gorgeous backdrop behind your banister on the opposite wall. Here are a few […]

How to Choose the Perfect Panel Mouldings

Besides the paint and perhaps a few portraits and wall hangings, there really isn’t much you can do to make your walls come to life. Thanks to panel mouldings there is a cheap and effective way of ‘wallscaping’ that will really bring some character to your walls. In no time at all, wall panel mouldings […]

Transform Your Space With Panel Mouldings Using these 3 Tips

Are your rooms looking too ordinary and cramped? Did you know you can evoke an atmosphere of stately space using simple panel mouldings? Read on and find out how you can change the look of your home using accent mouldings today!

There is nothing that gives a room more warmth and welcome feeling than well-dressed […]

How To Install Panel Moulding

When you think of a typical Arizona home, desert landscaping, a warm color palette, or terra cotta flooring might come to mind. While these are beautiful features, you may wish to model your interior design plans after something different. Perhaps a stately home, à la the English countryside. There’s no easier way to evoke this […]

Panel Moulding: A Practical, Easy, and Attractive Means of Filling Space

Some of the more befuddling areas of a house are the lower halves of walls. It makes sense to decorate the middle and tops with pictures, posters, mirrors and memorabilia, but it is not so feasible when it comes to the bottom half. Furniture like desks, chairs and book cases are proper space fillers, but […]