Why Add Window Trim to A House?

It’s hard to estimate how big of a difference window trim can make on a home until you see the results for yourself. While we love the idea of large, open windows that bring the great outdoors into our living room, we often leave the space around windows relatively bare. Adding window trim is one […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Interior Window Trim

Interior window trim is not only a great option for giving old windows a breath of fresh air, but also for adding functionality, keeping out rain and making windows more energy efficient. Read on to learn more about proper window trim care and installation.

Anatomy of Interior Window

Interior window trim includes the head […]

Selecting an Interior Window Trim

The windows in your home are often taken for granted. Every home has windows in practically every room, making them easily overlooked objects. Window coverings are what usually get all the attention in window décor for privacy and light purposes, but interior window trim is just as important for having your windows look complete. To […]