Coffered Ceilings and Their Benefits For Smaller Homes

When it’s time to design and build your dream home, you might be going through all the different aesthetics in order to make your home feel bigger and more spacious, especially if you will have a smaller home. One of the aesthetics you should look into are coffered ceilings.

Coffered ceiling allows you to present […]

Why Should You Invest in Architectural Beams?

Embellishing your ceiling and vaulted areas with architectural beams adds a distinctive point of interest to your interior. While architectural beams have a history in traditional interior design and architecture, it does not mean they don’t have a place in the modern day.

Why Architectural Beams? Versatility

Using architectural beams allows for the perfect opportunity […]

Renovate Your Home with Architectural Beams

Many homes and businesses lack good old architectural looks and appeal. When there are so many architectural products out there that can enhance and transform an interior, there is no reason for this to be the case. One design element that is often seem omitted, but shouldn’t be, are architectural beams. Architectural beams have been […]

What Are Architectural Beams?

Originally, the primary purpose of architectural beams was to uphold the structural integrity of buildings. Architectural beams, in building construction engineering, historically were a single solid piece of timber, installed horizontally, across a large opening, and carrying a large load above the opening, such as a floor or a roof. The architectural beams in these […]