Increase the Value of Your Home with Exterior Faux Shutters

They say don’t judge a book by its cover but, when it comes to home buying, 78% of buyers say the exterior look of a home is “very” or “extremely” important. Additionally, buyers make a “street decision” in less than 12 seconds regarding whether or not to view a home. Needless to say, a little […]

Faux Finish Products, A Remodel Must

The whole purpose of decorating is to make a home more appealing to the senses – more interesting to look at, more inviting to spend time in, and more enticing to touch. Comfortable furniture and flooring are, of course, important, but the 4 walls and ceiling that surround you play a vital role in how […]

EIFS vs. Hardcoat Stucco

In my 19 years of manufacturing and distributing Stucco and EIFS I thought I had seen it all. These pictures are taken from a school which has EIFS on it and the rocks that are embedded in it were used like “throwing stars”. The EPS foam is 1″ thick and has high impact mesh ran […]

Volterra – The Plasterer’s “Candy Shop”

Volterra stocks the largest selection of interior and exterior plaster, faux-finish products and paints, and synthetic stucco in the Southwest including Variance synthetic finish products, Tivoli limestone plaster, Venetian lime plaster imported from Italy, and Blue Pearl/Perfetto metallic paints and glazes. We also stock 16″ x 20″ styrene sample boards in white and black for […]

Tivoli Stone in Volterra’s Showroom

We have been selling one of our plaster products to Foam Art, which is a Phoenix based comapny that does incredble work with expanded polystyrene. They have been purchasing Tivoli Stone Plaster and Tivoli Stone Classic from us over the last few years to coat and cast over EPS foam. The photo shown is an […]

Tivoli Stone Plaster/Stucco

Tivoli Stone Plaster and Stucco covers every wall treatment look you are looking for. From old world deep pitted tuscan to smooth light faux. There are three different products to choose from; Tivoli Antique Stucco, Tivoli Plaster and the original Tivoli Classic. Each are unique in what they offer and all of them are for […]

Tivoli Stone Plaster

Volterra offers a limestone plaster called Tivoli Stone Plaster. There are 3 different finishes in the line that will achieve many different stucco and plaster looks. They all can be used for interior or exterior. Tivoli Stone Classic is the most diverse product in the line, it can be used as a pool plaster, deck […]