Volterra: Your Answer for Interior Design

When it comes to obtaining high quality interior design products at a modest price, Volterra Architectural Products grants customers a distinctive array of inventory that allows you to customize your home and business into Old World elegance or cutting-edge modernistic design with products that range from faux wood beams and hardwood moulding to faux plaster.


Make Your Living Room the Center of Your Holiday Festivities

There’s no time like the holidays for gathering family and friends together. With just a few small additions, your home living room will be set for holiday celebrations. All you need is some comfortable furniture, a cozy floor covering, mood lighting, and a roaring fire to create an inviting room to entice your guests. As […]

Choosing Decorative Shutters for your Home

Over the course of history, exterior shutters, although an aesthetic accent, were mostly used out of necessity. Wood shutters were attached to the outside of windows and could be closed over the windows for privacy, as a sun blocker or as layer of added insulation in winter. Wood louvered shutters, with their flat, angled, open […]

Faux Wood Truss Tails

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Faux wood truss tails or rafter tails add style […]

Fake Wood

Volterra manufactures many products but what we are most known for is replicating real wood with phenomenal detail. We hand select real wood, cut it into corbels, brackets, outlookers, brackets, truss tails and then sandblast it to give it just the right amount of texture. We then cast the piece using state of the art […]

Wood Ceiling Panel – Wood Planking

We are in the process of building a new wood ceiling panel that matches our wood beams. The panel will be 6’6″ in length with four 5 1/2″ boards that stagar with a total square footage of just over 10 feet. This peice is long overdue!

Wood Trim & Wood Wainscot

We have developed a new wood wainscot paneling system with wood base board, wood chair rail, wood planking and or paneling all made out of high density urethane. They all can be shipped primed or stained so the system can be finished in one day.

Reclaimed Wood – Going Green

This is a story of a 215 year old beam:

In 2005 we at Volterra Architectural Products started looking for a huge beam (something 36″ in height) that we could make a mold of and replicate for decades. After a few years we found it!!! In northern Oregon we found a reclaimed timber that was […]

Wood Planking

For years Volterra has produced lightweight wood planking. Our product is made out of high density urethane in widths of 2″ – 30″ and lengths up to 20′. Just like real lunber – whatever size your project calls for we will cut it to your specs. We offer 2 colors of stain and also have […]

Volterra HDF

Volterra High Density Foam (HDF) is lightweight, durable, waterproof, termite proof, mildew resistant, crack resistant, repairable and is available with a 1 hour fire rating. Volterra HDF will produce exact replications of all wood species, stone, precast, clay tile and the installed price is almost alwas less. Some applications for Volterra HDF are: fire place […]