Stairway Wainscoting with Panel Moulding

Open stairways present an interesting opportunity to add a bold visual feature in any home. For the most part, we rely upon detailed banisters to add some flair to the staircase. With the help of panel moulding, you can even add a gorgeous backdrop behind your banister on the opposite wall. Here are a few […]

Considerations for Choosing Hardwood Moulding

Choosing the right hardwood moulding for your home takes special care. From the type of profile you choose to the material selection you will need to take notes. Ultimately, the moulding you choose will need to match the style and size of your home once installed, while also fitting your lifestyle. Here are a couple […]

Casing installation

If you’ve been shopping around for trim to dress up your doors and windows, you might have heard the terms “trim” and “casing” used interchangeably. Meanwhile, some builders insist they do only casing installation, and not trim, around their windows. This has led to a lot of confusion about what exactly casing is and is […]

Interior Mouldings and Trim Make A Dramatic Impact

One of the biggest ways to turn a plain old boxed-in space into a beautiful room with character is to add interior mouldings. Mouldings offer attitude, as well as style. Not only can it add style to a room, but interior mouldings are inexpensive and easy to install. So easy in fact, that they can […]

Luxury Design on a Budget

When it comes to redesigning a space with luxury in mind, there are a few clues that pull you in. Crown moulding is the first sign of an upscale room. Finials, natural wood finishes and other accents add to the overall look and feel. Most people would say that adding all of these details to […]

Choose Volterra for the Best Mouldings and Millwork

The importance of millwork is often overlooked by many interior designers and home owners. Few people appreciate the importance of these aspects of interior design and the impact they have one the look of each individual room.

Mouldings and millwork should be considered one of the most important features because they have a lasting impact […]

How Decorative Wood Trim Affects Resale Value

If you’ve ever walked into a room with plain and ordinary baseboards or no trim accents you’ve probably noticed the space feels unfinished or empty. In addition, base boards can get beat up and take on a dingy look that detracts from the clean lines of any room. Updating your home with decorative wood trim […]

Transform Your Space With Panel Mouldings Using these 3 Tips

Are your rooms looking too ordinary and cramped? Did you know you can evoke an atmosphere of stately space using simple panel mouldings? Read on and find out how you can change the look of your home using accent mouldings today!

There is nothing that gives a room more warmth and welcome feeling than well-dressed […]

Best Wall Accents to Accent Your Stained Moulding

Stained crown mouldings are the most common types of mouldings use to trim interiors and add depth. Stained moulding is loved by many because of the simplicity they offer to interior design finishing. They give your home a more natural and satiny look which suits any home design.

As conventional and common as stained mouldings […]

Add Flair to Your Home with Millwork

Did you know that just a little millwork can help change the overall look and finish of your home? Simple door frames, chair rails, base trims or even crown mouldings can help increase the aesthetic value of your home, while adding depth and richness to the design of your home. Here are 3 quick tips […]