Luxury Design on a Budget

When it comes to redesigning a space with luxury in mind, there are a few clues that pull you in. Crown moulding is the first sign of an upscale room. Finials, natural wood finishes and other accents add to the overall look and feel. Most people would say that adding all of these details to […]

Choose Volterra for the Best Mouldings and Millwork

The importance of millwork is often overlooked by many interior designers and home owners. Few people appreciate the importance of these aspects of interior design and the impact they have one the look of each individual room.

Mouldings and millwork should be considered one of the most important features because they have a lasting impact […]

How Decorative Wood Trim Affects Resale Value

If you’ve ever walked into a room with plain and ordinary baseboards or no trim accents you’ve probably noticed the space feels unfinished or empty. In addition, base boards can get beat up and take on a dingy look that detracts from the clean lines of any room. Updating your home with decorative wood trim […]

Transform Your Space With Panel Mouldings Using these 3 Tips

Are your rooms looking too ordinary and cramped? Did you know you can evoke an atmosphere of stately space using simple panel mouldings? Read on and find out how you can change the look of your home using accent mouldings today!

There is nothing that gives a room more warmth and welcome feeling than well-dressed […]

Best Wall Accents to Accent Your Stained Moulding

Stained crown mouldings are the most common types of mouldings use to trim interiors and add depth. Stained moulding is loved by many because of the simplicity they offer to interior design finishing. They give your home a more natural and satiny look which suits any home design.

As conventional and common as stained mouldings […]

Add Flair to Your Home with Millwork

Did you know that just a little millwork can help change the overall look and finish of your home? Simple door frames, chair rails, base trims or even crown mouldings can help increase the aesthetic value of your home, while adding depth and richness to the design of your home. Here are 3 quick tips […]

Selecting Baseboard Moulding

Baseboards are some of most important, but largely overlooked, parts of a home. When fitted perfectly, they create the perfect transition between the wall and floor. They help conceal any cracks at the base of the wall and floor. Baseboard mouldings can subtly alter the look and feel of the entire house. Because they act […]

Why Your Home Needs Quality Moulding Products

If you’re looking for ways to add value to your home without undergoing an intrusive renovation, one of the best choices you can make is installing quality moulding products. Modernizing the appearance of the rooms in your home can play a pivotal role in drawing future buyers.

Raising the Ceiling

One benefit of adding moulding […]

Moulding Creates a New Vision for Home Design Enthusiasts

Among home design enthusiasts, moulding is one of the best options for sprucing up your interior décor. Since it alters the appearance of the walls and ceilings, it can lend a persistent elegance throughout the entire house.

Types of Moulding for the Home

Moulding is all about framing. Many like to choose profiles that complement […]

Enhance Every Room in Your Home with Elegant Crown Moulding

One of the most overlooked home accents is moulding and millwork. Yet the difference they make in the appearance in your home can be significant. Crown moulding can enhance your home with added luxury and elegance.

Is Crown Moulding the Right Design Element for Your Home?

Some have pre-conceived notions about when and where crown […]