Luxury Design on a Budget

When it comes to redesigning a space with luxury in mind, there are a few clues that pull you in. Crown moulding is the first sign of an upscale room. Finials, natural wood finishes and other accents add to the overall look and feel. Most people would say that adding all of these details to […]

Why You Need Flex Moulding for Your Home

Does your home have grand columns or sweeping bay windows? What about curved entryways or spiral staircases? Many of these design elements are common among houses that have an elite appearance inside and out. They are generally complimented by the fine details of crown moulding, by drawing the eye to the artistic lines of the […]

Interior Moulding

Interior moulding is an easy and affordable way to add depth and detail to any room in a house. However, wood millwork is stiff and won’t bend to accommodate curves or radius corners. For those who want to add interior moulding to rooms with curved walls, VolterraFlex™ is the solution you’ve been looking for.

VolterraFlex™ […]

A Comprehensive Guide to Interior Window Trim

Interior window trim is not only a great option for giving old windows a breath of fresh air, but also for adding functionality, keeping out rain and making windows more energy efficient. Read on to learn more about proper window trim care and installation.

Anatomy of Interior Window

Interior window trim includes the head […]

Using Moulding and Millwork in Home Restoration Projects

Rather than settling for what many refer to as “cookie cutter” homes that all have a similar look, many people choose to remodel or restore an older home for more customization and to enjoy the history and character an older home offers. Home restoration can be an enormous undertaking but there are some simple tricks […]

Selecting an Interior Window Trim

The windows in your home are often taken for granted. Every home has windows in practically every room, making them easily overlooked objects. Window coverings are what usually get all the attention in window décor for privacy and light purposes, but interior window trim is just as important for having your windows look complete. To […]

Use Faux Wood Trim as Window and Door Highlights

From simple clean lines to ornamental design, faux wood trim is an easy, affordable enhancement for any home. With more affordable, faux wood trim from Volterra, homeowners have a chance to explore its many versatile uses.

Faux wood trim is a durable alternative to natural wood to trim out exterior windows. They camouflage any unfinished […]

How To Use Wooden Trim

Just as the right amount of pin-striping can really dress up a car or the perfect colored accessory can make an outfit pop, decorative wood trim can turn a basic box of a room into a beautiful showplace. There are so many creative ways to use decorative wood trim beyond the ways we’re most used […]

Flexible Wood Trim Mouldings

Flexible Wood Trim Mouldings

Do you want to use wood trim on the floors and ceilings in the home you are improving or remodeling but can’t figure out the best kind for the project? Here is some insight into common types of flexible wood trim mouldings and their uses.

T-Molding: the T-molding is mainly used […]

Wide Variety of Applications Guaranteed with Flexible Trim Moulding

The demand for design in every aspect for the house has led to the creation of trim moulding. Moulding is the perfect cover for the edges of the house’s interior, decorating walls, floors, ceilings and more. Subtle and never imposing, moulding provides tasteful accentuation along the outer regions of rooms for a clean and symmetrical […]