Is Your Dining Room at Its Best?

The dining room is the focal point of nearly any home. It is the place where we gather to share meals and have family meetings. It can also make a big difference in the visual appeal of your house during a sale. If your dining room is suffering from boring paint and plain decor, consider […]

Exposed Trusses Are In

What is it about exposed trusses that makes them such an interesting addition to any home or business? The recent turn to industrial style decor has made exposed trusses popular in restaurants and other locations, but they are also beginning to make their way into interior home design more often. We are now seeing that […]

4 Benefits of High Density Foam

In the last few years High density polyurethane foam products have grown in popularity in the build and design industry and it really doesn’t come as a surprise. They are steadily replacing the love for natural wood and other interior design materials which dominated the industry for a long time. Thanks to insular qualities in […]

3 Reasons to Use Faux Wood Planks

Many people have the idea that revamping their homes and incorporating classic architectural elements is too costly. This is attributed by the fact that many of the decorative elements and products used have been expensive. However, with the introduction of faux products this has changed. No matter the budget, anyone can change the look of […]

The Wonders of Engineered Wood Ceiling Planks

If you’re a home improvement aficionado with a penchant for sifting through home design magazines, then you likely have an appreciation for small changes that make a big difference in interior design. What’s even better are when these changes perform a valuable function – in addition to an upgrade in style.

HDF Wood Ceiling Planks […]

All About Shutters

Shutters on homes were first used in the Middle Ages were first used during the time of King Henry VIII. Glass was considered a rare and expensive luxury item, so glass was used on the tops of windows, while shutters made of solid wooden boards were used on the bottom to let in air and […]