Flooring and Ceiling Ideas For Your Rooms

If you were to walk into a room with no furniture, no paint on the walls, and bare floors – it would look bland, plain and boring. Architectural products exist to help you take the plain or outdated and make them into aesthetically pleasing and cozy. When you enter a room, the ceilings and the […]

Coffered Ceilings and Their Benefits For Smaller Homes

When it’s time to design and build your dream home, you might be going through all the different aesthetics in order to make your home feel bigger and more spacious, especially if you will have a smaller home. One of the aesthetics you should look into are coffered ceilings.

Coffered ceiling allows you to present […]

Is Exterior Crown Moulding Right for You?

When we think of crown moulding, we often think of its use on the interior of homes with large open ceilings, laced with layers of woodwork. However, crown moulding is a feature used on the exterior of homes in places where we can appreciate its value, yet we rarely think of it as separate from […]

Why Should You Invest in Architectural Beams?

Embellishing your ceiling and vaulted areas with architectural beams adds a distinctive point of interest to your interior. While architectural beams have a history in traditional interior design and architecture, it does not mean they don’t have a place in the modern day.

Why Architectural Beams? Versatility

Using architectural beams allows for the perfect opportunity […]

Why Millwork is So Popular

Millwork has a long history among those in the architectural design industry. From its earliest days, these practical and beautifully aesthetic pieces were used in the building of homes and commercial buildings of all kinds. It has long been a sign of quality construction when it comes to the finishing of any particular project.

Millwork […]

3 Exterior Design Tips for Your Home

Unknown to many home owners, the design of the outdoor face of your home is just as important as inside. Many times, designers concentrate too much on the inside and forget to give the exterior of their home a facelift. This should not be the case, because proper exterior remodeling and design will not only […]

Creative Uses for Faux Wood Planks

Faux wood planks can be used throughout the interior and exterior of your home to improve the look and feel of your rooms or add extra features to your yard. Here are a few projects that will allow you to add comfort and enjoyment to your home with the use of planks.

• Building a […]

Creative Ways to Update Your Kitchen with Crown Moulding

Kitchens are one of the most important parts of your house when it comes to building equity and creating a warm, inviting place for your family to gather. Crown Moulding can be used for more than just accenting ceilings and doorways. With a little bit of creativity, you can use it to completely update your […]

How False Wood Beams Can Add Resale Value to Your Home

Considering a major renovation of your home? False wood beams are a great way to update the aesthetics of your house, while adding to the future resale value. While you may not be planning on selling your home in the near future, the additions you make today will be an investment that keeps on giving […]

Beam the Warmth With Your Interior Design

Does the interior of your home say “trendy”? It can. For 2017 style gurus, the world of interior design is embracing focal points that are both faux and functional. With artisan elements that add interest and infuse the mind with thoughts of simpler times, natural wood beams with textured wood-grain and warm tones will coax […]