What is a Truss Tail?

A truss tail is a unique architectural decorative piece which extends beyond the walls of your home, under the eaves of your roof. They are typically painted to match the finish on your siding, since they are easily visible when approaching the house. In many cases, the roof truss ends abruptly and is covered up […]

Popular Roof Truss Designs for 2016

The intricate framework of a roof truss design is a system constructed of a combination of various sized columns, beams, braces, and arches, incorporated into a room’s ceiling space. As an architectural embellishment, a roof truss works as an instant character builder in any home, office, restaurant, bar, or any space for that matter. In […]

Exposed Truss Tails Home Design Ideas

Truss tails, sometimes referred to as rafter tails, are the lower end portions of the rafter that project beyond the exterior wall of a building, up near the roof. In standard, contemporary home building, soffits are constructed along the belly of the eaves, after the overhang is finished, to cover up the wood truss tails, […]

Styling Exposed Trusses for a Modern Home

When homeowners look to add style and character to their home, one area that often gets ignored is the ceiling. Generally, when people are redesigning their home they look to frame windows with billowy valances and drapes, cover floors with plush rugs and luxury tiles or coat the walls in colored papers and paints. Often, […]

Adapting a Truss Design to Suit Your Style

Adapting a Truss Design to Suit Your Style

Though thinking about a truss design might evoke images of a rustic space, decorative trusses are extremely versatile and suitable for all styles of homes. With the lightweight non-functional trusses from Volterra that mimic natural wood trusses, you can have the beautiful appearance of trusses in […]

Decorative Truss Systems for Vaulted Ceilings

Vaulted ceilings create a powerful illusion that keeps them popular and desired, even in modern architecture. By sloping upward and meeting at an angle, almost like the inverse of a traditional roof, they make even the smallest rooms appear as if they have more space than they actually do. While this is not something it […]

What Are the Pros of Decorative Trusses?


A truss is hardly ever thought of as an element of design. Typically sitting invisible between the ceiling and the roof, this odd-looking structure bears a lot of weight and pressure to keep everything supported and staying strong. The realm of decorative design knows no limits, though, and the aesthetic quality of the truss […]