Make Your Living Room the Center of Your Holiday Festivities

There’s no time like the holidays for gathering family and friends together. With just a few small additions, your home living room will be set for holiday celebrations. All you need is some comfortable furniture, a cozy floor covering, mood lighting, and a roaring fire to create an inviting room to entice your guests. As […]

Why Faux Wood Mantels?

When friends and family are together, they tend to gravitate toward the kitchen as a central gathering place. That is, unless, there is a roaring fire warming up another room in the house. A fire in the hearth immediately creates ambiance not just with its warmth, but the radiant glow the fire gives off. When […]

Decorative Fireplaces Mantels in the Modern Age

Modern home design does not put a great deal of emphasis on the fireplace. What used to be a reliable source of heat energy has now been overshadowed by contemporary heating technology. Even so, it remains installed in more expensive homes as a sign of luxury and prestige. But the fancy designs once so common […]