3 Clever Uses for Foam Corbels

The finest details in the house always define the character and overall beauty of a home. From the choice of paint to the lighting, it is the little things that decide whether the final look will be classy or not. One such architectural detail that is often overlooked, but has massive impact on the final […]

Adding Corbels to Boost Curb Appeal

Looking for quick ways to boost the curb appeal of your home without spending a ton? Corbels are a great way to give your home a stylish update in just a few hours. You can purchase corbels in a range of sizes and styles to match your home. They can easily be stained and installed […]

Custom Corbels for Vintage Remodels

If there is one architectural element that is nearly synonymous with elegance and class, it is tall ceilings accented by fancy corbels. From the White House to the new home construction next door, corbels are a great way to give any home a high end facelift. What you may not have noticed is that the […]

Using Decorative Corbels in Your Kitchen

With today’s busy lifestyle you don’t just want a kitchen that is beautiful; you want a showpiece that is also practical and easy to organize. Decorative corbels are not only a pretty end piece. They are an attractive addition to your kitchen and home that serves many practical purposes to make your life that much […]

Corbels and Brackets Add a Decorative Touch to Your Living Room

Corbels and brackets are architectural elements that literally ‘stand out’. When added in just a couple of strategic places, corbels and brackets can make your living room look and feel more decoratively finished.

Instead of flat wall art, corbels and brackets added under wall-mounted shelving pieces add depth to any wall and create a great […]

What is an Architectural Corbel?

You’ve probably seen them everywhere, especially if you’ve ever traveled to Europe, but you might not know what they are called. So, what is an architectural corbel, exactly?

Corbels In History

Generally speaking, an architectural corbel is a structural piece of stone, wood or metal that juts out of a wall and is used to […]

Different Decorative Corbels From Volterra

Traditional stone and wood elements used in architecture often weighed hundreds of pounds and had to support thousands of pounds of load. To allow shelves, mantels, counters and soffits to protrude past supporting walls, corbels were needed. At one time purely functional, corbels soon became the playground of imaginations, as designers and architects created elaborate […]

Corbels for Non-Functional Purposes

Corbels were once essential pieces of architectural support in the Medieval days, when they were built into structures to stabilize fixtures like balconies, as well as portions of the roof that go over the edge of the wall. Advancements in building and constructing have devised alternative methods to the corbel’s elaborate arrangement, but it has […]

Different Decorative Corbels for Different Surfaces


The corbel has historically been a powerful support device that maintains the weight of structures like balconies, walls, ceilings and more. In recent times, the aesthetic appeal of corbels has taken precedence over its functional purpose in some manufacturing companies, leading to decorative corbels that exist purely for design. Is this a counterintuitive creation? […]