Keeping It Simple Adds the Biggest Impact

You have a busy lifestyle. You work, travel, and spend your free time fully experiencing the pleasures that life has to offer. When you are home the last thing you want is extra clutter. Not only when it comes to the items you put into your home, but also when it comes to your interior […]

Exposed Ceiling Beams Add Warmth to a Modern Home

Modern interior design, often characterized by bold accent colors, clean lines and a lack of clutter, is a popular interior design style for fashion-forward homeowners . While aesthetically pleasing, many modern interiors lack that cozy feeling present in other interior design themes. To warm up your modern décor, add exposed ceiling beams.

With Volterra Architectural […]

Add Style to Your Home with Decorative Trusses

If you’ve ever built a home from the ground up, you understand how vital truss systems are to ensuring proper form and function. Composed of two or more rafters, posts, or struts, trusses set up a solid framework on which to support a roof. More times than not, however, these are hidden and not visible […]

Residential Roof Truss Designs

Ceilings in today’s homes can add a value that goes way beyond its more obvious structural purpose. Although it is not well known to many homeowners, the ceiling of a home can make as much of an impact in a room’s interior design including it’s wall décor, floor coverings and furniture. Not every ceiling in […]

Decorative Ceiling Truss Designs Favored by Builders


Volterra’s faux wood decorative ceiling trusses are a beautiful design element in a home or other space. They are available in a variety of textures and colors that look just like natural wood. These non-functional trusses are light weight, and are easier and cheaper to install. […]

Different Sorts of Truss Design

The truss of a house is typically considered a purely functional element. With its nuanced triangular design, it carefully absorbs the weight of surrounding surfaces like the ceiling and the roof and distributes it to the load-bearing fixtures of the house. It may come as a surprise to learn that trusses can be gorgeous marvels […]