Choose the Perfect Casing Moulding

Simple and plain as they may seem, casing moulding can transform a room with depth and richness that will make it stand out. Trim is an element of interior design which often goes unrecognized, but its impact is massive. It has become so common and ubiquitous that most interior designers don’t give it much thought […]

Wood Crown Moulding

While we’d all like to think our homes are perfectly symmetrical, many carpenters can attest that not all 90 degree walls are exactly 90 degrees. This can become especially irritating when trying to test wood crown moulding to find the proper fit. Rather than test the fit with your actual moulding, test the angle with […]

Using Moulding and Millwork in Home Restoration Projects

Rather than settling for what many refer to as “cookie cutter” homes that all have a similar look, many people choose to remodel or restore an older home for more customization and to enjoy the history and character an older home offers. Home restoration can be an enormous undertaking but there are some simple tricks […]

Best Wall Colors For Stained Trim

Many homeowners prefer stained moulding to painted moulding to keep the wood closer to its natural roots. In the other camp are the homeowners who like the crisp look of white or off-white painted moulding because it seems to go with everything, making wall color choices easier. The natural look of wood stain, preserving the […]

Casing Moulding over Entryways

Entryways in homes are significant portions of a house that deserve to be given prominence and significance. A house without any kind of definition around the edges of its surfaces looks clumsy and ill-formed. That is why many homeowners prefer some kind of framing for their surfaces like doors and windows. Casing moulding fills this […]