Commercial Design with Volterra Architectural Products

Have you been searching for the right way to dress up your office space or lobby? Volterra Architectural Products offers a number of commercial design options that will give any space a high-end, classic look. You can quickly do away with bland, white walls and add an element of warmth to any room using these […]

Choosing a Color for Your Architectural Moulding

The main reason architectural moulding is added to homes is to draw visual notice and pleasure. This kind of elegant touch gives any room a pristine finished look. However, many struggle with choosing a trim color that truly fits with the color scheme of the entire home. Many times it feels safer to stick with […]

3 Reasons Why Stained Mouldings are Perfect for Interior Projects

Mouldings are an essential part of any interior finishing. Without mouldings, a room looks bare and incomplete. As a home owner or interior designer, it is imperative to take time out and think about the perfect moulding for your interior project.

Over the past few years, stained mouldings have grown in popularity and more interior […]

Why Millennials Love Rustic Shutters

Characterized by reclaimed wood and galvanized metal accents, the rustic look has become a hot trend not only in the exterior design but also when it comes to interior design.

Shutters are an important feature for the exterior of any home. They can be functional or decorative and help make the windows and the entire […]

How to Choose the Perfect Panel Mouldings

Besides the paint and perhaps a few portraits and wall hangings, there really isn’t much you can do to make your walls come to life. Thanks to panel mouldings there is a cheap and effective way of ‘wallscaping’ that will really bring some character to your walls. In no time at all, wall panel mouldings […]

Why Your Base Mouldings Matter

Mouldings have become a popular decorative element that are used to add character and warmth to different rooms. Mouldings are loved by many because they are not only effective in adding texture to a space but are also cost effective. For all of their transformative qualities, mouldings don’t cost that much and anyone can use […]

Renovate Your Home with Architectural Beams

Many homes and businesses lack good old architectural looks and appeal. When there are so many architectural products out there that can enhance and transform an interior, there is no reason for this to be the case. One design element that is often seem omitted, but shouldn’t be, are architectural beams. Architectural beams have been […]

Buying a Custom Mantel for Your Fireplace

A well-built and designed fireplace not only brings much needed warmth to the house but adds an extra touch of architectural vitality to your home. A good fireplace will give you cozy fires for you and your loved ones to enjoy while you read or watch television. Although the fireplace is predominantly used for warming […]

Custom Vent Covers by Volterra

Any home that has an attic has a vent on the exterior of the house. Vents are installed in attics and under roofs to help air flow through the enclosed space and prevent the growth of mold during warm months. Most vents are covered by a simple grille the that doesn’t add to the appearance […]

Ringing in The New Year With Home Improvement Ideas

As the new year approaches, your thoughts may be on improvements. Like many, you are probably thinking of resolutions or personal changes. But what about home improvement ideas? It’s the New Year, time to make new renovations and additions to your home Not only will it raise your home’s value, it makes your surroundings even […]