Why Add Window Trim to A House?

It’s hard to estimate how big of a difference window trim can make on a home until you see the results for yourself. While we love the idea of large, open windows that bring the great outdoors into our living room, we often leave the space around windows relatively bare. Adding window trim is one way you can build depth and interest, while truly highlighting windows as a picture perfect frame to the outside view.

Give the Exterior of Your Home a Formal Facelift

Adding trim around the exterior of a window can instantly boost the curb appeal of your home. Exterior window trim can be fairly basic and painted in a contrasting color or it can be layered and intricate. Whichever type of trim you decide to use on the exterior of your home will break up the long horizontal lines which tend to flow with brickwork or siding and add a vertical contrast.

Frame the Outdoors with Interior Window Trim

A layer of window trim around interior windows can create a focal point around the picturesque view from your living room. While some people choose an exotic, regal look by adding a large header, there is still plenty of drama to be gained with a simple trim that matches on all four sides. This process can take no more than a few minutes if you purchase the window trim pre-painted. The result is an updated, elegant look that looks like a million bucks.

Whether you plan on selling your home in the near future or just want to renovate and give your home a more sophisticated look, window trim is the answer. This project can be applied throughout your home in less than a day when you purchase pre-finished trim options to fit your desired look. Volterra Architectural Products offers window trim in many different styles and colors so you can quickly dress up your windows inside and out. Don’t spend another day with dull, unfinished window frames. Contact us today at 602-258-7373

Choosing a Color for Your Architectural Moulding

The main reason architectural moulding is added to homes is to draw visual notice and pleasure. This kind of elegant touch gives any room a pristine finished look. However, many struggle with choosing a trim color that truly fits with the color scheme of the entire home. Many times it feels safer to stick with plain white or natural wood colors. Here are a few ideas to get you thinking about changing up the look of your home with architectural moulding:

When to Choose White

White is the most common color choice for architectural moulding because it can be purchased without any additional work and fits into nearly any color scheme. However, there are a few times when white truly takes the cake. For instance, if you have dark colored walls throughout your home, white can create a strong impact and contrast at the ceiling and floor. White looks best on mouldings that have layered line or some type of character. If the moulding is plain and flat, bright white is more likely to accentuate the blandness of the trim, which most likely isn’t what you want.

When to Choose a Warm Neutral Tone

If you have plain or light colored walls, a shade of beige or light green can do wonders for keeping the look of the room both bright and interesting. The addition of darker architectural moulding gives the room a more formal look like framing a picture. These tones are especially eye-catching if the ceiling is painted to contrast the lighter colored walls. Dark wood trims also fall into this category because they add warmth and formality to the space.

When to Go Bold

If you have flat moulding without much character that doesn’t take up a lot of space on your walls, you may want to go all in on a bold color. Deep purple, green, or yellow can add interest along the edges without overwhelming the room. Add a colored throw or other accessories to match the boldness of the trim and you’re all set.

Architectural moulding can be used to dress a room up or down any way you want. While most mouldings come in different finishes and colors, you can always update the look of a room by painting or staining them. Volterra Architectural Products offers architectural moulding in a variety of styles and colors ranging from very simple to very intricate for any style construction. If you have questions about ways to update and beautify the look of your home, contact us at 602-258-7373.

Choose Volterra for the Best Mouldings and Millwork

The importance of millwork is often overlooked by many interior designers and home owners. Few people appreciate the importance of these aspects of interior design and the impact they have one the look of each individual room.

Mouldings and millwork should be considered one of the most important features because they have a lasting impact on the outlook and functionality of any space. It is important to invest in high quality mouldings and millwork to ensure your project is trimmed and nicely finished.

If you are looking for the best mouldings and millwork for both commercial and home interior projects, Volterra should be your one stop shop. Here are 3 reasons why Volterra is the best place to shop for all your mouldings and millwork;

1. High quality products

Volterra offers nothing short of the best quality products when it comes to mouldings and millwork. Be it natural wood mouldings or faux mouldings and millwork, Volterra has always prioritized the quality of its products and every time you purchase from us, you are guaranteed of getting the best quality products in the market.

2. Experience in the design industry

We have been in the architectural products industry for many years.  This is why you can expect nothing short of excellent professionalism and quality products. We have supplied millions of interior designers and homeowners with quality architectural products for ages. Trust us to offer the best mouldings and millwork for your project.  No matter the size of your project, we always work hard to ensure you have everything you need to see it through.

3. One stop shop for all architectural products

We will supply more than just mouldings and millwork. From faux wood beams to HDF shutters, corbels and tile vents, we have literally everything you need to transform your interior look. Once you have your mouldings and millwork, you can talk to us about other products like beams, trusses, interior plaster and acrylic stucco.

For the best in mouldings and millworks in the market, look no further than Volterra Architectural Products. We are offer our products at an affordable rate and are always willing to customize the products to your liking. Give us a call today at 602-258-7373.

Why Should You Invest in Architectural Beams?

Embellishing your ceiling and vaulted areas with architectural beams adds a distinctive point of interest to your interior. While architectural beams have a history in traditional interior design and architecture, it does not mean they don’t have a place in the modern day.

Why Architectural Beams?


Using architectural beams allows for the perfect opportunity to create something unique. The beauty of these architectural beams is that they give you an opportunity to get creative and express yourself in many ways. Once you decide to invest in these exposed architectural beams, the possibilities are vast. Experiment with horizontal stripping or try more prominent crisscrossing patterns. However you use your beams, your home will make a statement to your guests that will earn you a reputation that will stand out in the neighborhood.


Architectural beams offer excellent longevity and give full value for the money paid for them. If you choose lightweight, dense foam, as opposed to natural wood architectural beams, you are assured of excellent longevity with little maintenance required.

The beauty of these beams is that they come ready for installation and there is little hassle involved in getting them into position. You can choose from whichever color you want or to stain them, but  you will be assured of the ambience that the architectural beams will create in your home.

If you are looking for the best faux wood architectural beams to transform and make your home stand out from the rest, look no further than Volterra Architectural Products. We have the best quality architectural beams, at an affordable rate.

3 Reasons Why Stained Mouldings are Perfect for Interior Projects

Mouldings are an essential part of any interior finishing. Without mouldings, a room looks bare and incomplete. As a home owner or interior designer, it is imperative to take time out and think about the perfect moulding for your interior project.

Over the past few years, stained mouldings have grown in popularity and more interior designers are deciding on them over other available mouldings. If you are a home owner or interior designer wondering why there is a sudden surge in the number of people finishing their interior works with stained mouldings, here are 3 reasons why stained mouldings are ideal for your upcoming project.

3 Reasons Why Stained Mouldings are Perfect for Interior Projects


Stained mouldings are appealing to the eye. No matter where they are used, stained mouldings will not overwhelm the look of the room, but will subtly bring out the best aesthetics. Stained mouldings have a distinctive warmth which is especially essential in living rooms, as it makes guests feel at home.

Stained Mouldings Morph Easily into Different Architectural Designs

The beauty of stained mouldings is that they offer unmatched versatility when it comes to interior design. Not only are they able to fit in with any architectural design, stained mouldings don’t conflict with color, which makes it easy for them to blend into any room design. No matter what color the walls, floor, or ceiling are, the stained mouldings will have the same spectacular effect and aesthetically transform any room.

Easy Maintenance

Stained mouldings require very little maintenance, while offering longevity. They don’t easily show dirt or stains, and in the unlikely event of them getting dirty, all it takes to clean them is a clean piece of cloth and clean water. It’s easy to keep your moulding looking beautiful all year long.

If you are looking for the best stained mouldings for your interior project, look no further than Volterra’s way. We have a large collection of high quality stained molding profiles and sizes. Call Volterra Architectural Products at 602-258-7373 for the best mouldings on the market.

How Decorative Wood Trim Affects Resale Value

If you’ve ever walked into a room with plain and ordinary baseboards or no trim accents you’ve probably noticed the space feels unfinished or empty. In addition, base boards can get beat up and take on a dingy look that detracts from the clean lines of any room. Updating your home with decorative wood trim is one great way to overcome these obstacles and earn a solid return on your home.

Don’t Neglect the Base Boards

Even in rooms with crown moulding you may notice when a builder or decorator decided to skimp on the base boards. Plain, two-inch base boards are inexpensive, but they also don’t add much to the room and can leave it looking disheveled. If you’re looking to dress things up, conside a taller three-inch base board style that includes even a single line of accent down the middle.

Don’t Overdo the Crown Moulding

Crown moulding is one of the most reliable ways to increase the curb appeal and resale value of your home. However, you have to be careful about overdoing it. For instance, if you live in a neighborhood full of classical and rustic style homes, too much formal crown moulding will seem out of place, even if it’s not visible from the exterior of the house. Try to choose a style and size that is congruent with other houses in the area.

Consider Wainscoting Carefully

Wainscoting and chair rails can give family and dining rooms a distinguished look. However, you should be careful to ensure that they don’t clash with the baseboards and crown molding you’ve chosen for the rest of the house. These types of accents also offer the highest return when they are used in large open rooms that that are accented with inviting colors.

With careful consideration and planning your decorative wood trim can have a huge positive effect on the resale value of your home. Each of these accents helps establish the first impression that is valuable when it comes to finding a buyer. To learn more, visit Volterra Architectural Products today and check out all of our decorative wood trim galleries or call us at 602-258-7373.

Why Millwork is So Popular

Millwork has a long history among those in the architectural design industry. From its earliest days, these practical and beautifully aesthetic pieces were used in the building of homes and commercial buildings of all kinds. It has long been a sign of quality construction when it comes to the finishing of any particular project.

Millwork in Architecture

For hundreds of years, wood was hand carved to create unique pieces of furniture and the completely custom design of homes. With the creation of the saw mill, it became much easier for the average person to acquire quality wood pieces without needing to master the skill themselves. Today, many houses are built using a set of standardized plans where the finishing can be changed to suit the tastes of the builder or buyer.

Types of Millwork

The effects of the sawmill can be seen in nearly every room of our homes today. From the cabinetry in our kitchens and bathrooms to the baseboards in the living room. Ultimately, any wood product that can be commercially purchased and installed in your home with minimal alteration probably came from a mill. While there are dozens of styles of crown moulding available, they are all examples of  that can be cut to size and installed with ease.

In addition, you will find that the price greatly varies. Some woods are naturally more expensive than others, and have different qualities such as hardness and color. Nearly any type of wood can be used in a mill, not to mention some faux wood composites that have the look and feel of wood without the expense. You should consider all of these factors as you shop for accents.

Choosing Your Millwork

If you are in the market for millwork for your home, it is best to find a reliable company to buy from first. You need a company that uses quality materials that have options to choose from. You should also consider the pricing and the manufacturer’s catalog, as different manufacturers excel in a particular style or wood type.

Volterra Architectural Products offers affordable options in any style. Visit our online store today to see samples of all our products or call us at 602-258-7373.

Exposed Trusses Are In

What is it about exposed trusses that makes them such an interesting addition to any home or business? The recent turn to industrial style decor has made exposed trusses popular in restaurants and other locations, but they are also beginning to make their way into interior home design more often. We are now seeing that trusses can be painted, decorated, and made to match nearly any decor theme you can think of.


Trusses in homes are seen as a rustic accent. The natural wood grain stands out and ties in with beautiful hardwoods throughout the house. This theme sees a resurgence every few years as we search for some classic styling in a modern world.

Modern Elegance

A new trend aims to make the trusses themselves a bold accent in any room. More and more people are painting their trusses bright white, especially in rooms with large open windows. Accents, such as additional braces or carved filigree, are added to the trusses to give them an upscale appearance.


Some people really love the open industrial look that exposed trusses can offer.  The dark beams surrounded by cables and conduits is a look that is both rugged and super-functional. It does away with all of the frills and overtures of the classic look and lets us appreciate the mechanics of the building itself.

Adding Exposed Trusses

Decorative trusses can be added to rooms in a number of ways, even if the room does not have large vaulted ceilings. Partial trusses can be used to accent walls and make the ceiling look more striking. If you already have trusses it is easy to change the look and feel of the room by adding color or updating the hardware accents.

Volterra Architectural Products has many faux wood decorative truss options to fit any style home made with our very best materials. To learn more about trusses, visit our online gallery and see some of our past projects! Or give us a call at 602-258-7373.

Why Millennials Love Rustic Shutters

Characterized by reclaimed wood and galvanized metal accents, the rustic look has become a hot trend not only in the exterior design but also when it comes to interior design.

Shutters are an important feature for the exterior of any home. They can be functional or decorative and help make the windows and the entire house look elegant. Shutters greatly improve the curb appeal of a home, while also making a first impression to your guests.

Decorative shutters made of high-density polyurethane foam (HDF), are available in smooth or rustic wood textures and a variety of styles such as planked, louvered or panel.  Faux wood shutters  are virtually indistinguishable from natural rustic wood.

Rustic is Beautiful and Sleek

As far as aesthetics are concerned, nothing appeals to the eye more than rustic does. The subtle brownish color adds a warm and homey quality that makes your home feel more habitable and welcoming. If you are someone who cares about his/her guests’ first impression, there is every reason to try rustic shutters.

Durable and stain-resistant

The other awesome thing about rustic  HDF shutters is the easy maintenance. Unlike natural wood that needs constant sanding and staining when exposed to weather, faux wood shutters require virtually no maintenance. They are highly durable and resist warping, fading, shrinking and insect rot, giving them lasting beauty for many years to come.

Whether you need louvered, solid planks or panel shutters, we have the best rustic shutters here at Volterra Architectural Products. Browse through our faux wood shutters and choose the rustic shutters that appropriate for your home. Visit Volterra online or call us at 602-258-7373.

How to Choose the Perfect Panel Mouldings

Besides the paint and perhaps a few portraits and wall hangings,  there really isn’t much you can do to make your walls come to life. Thanks to panel mouldings there is a cheap and effective way of ‘wallscaping’ that will really bring some character to your walls. In no time at all, wall panel mouldings will transform your interior and breathe new life into your otherwise bland walls.

When choosing the right panel mouldings for your home, the architectural style of your home, your personal taste, and orientation of your rooms will dictate the type of mouldings you will end up dressing your walls up with. Beyond your personal preferences and architectural style, there are other important considerations that should guide your buying decisions. To help you make the best decisions always and land the best possible panel mouldings, we have taken a look at three important considerations you need to make when purchasing panel mouldings;

Size and Scale of the Panel Mouldings

The size of the mouldings you decide on will dictate whether the room will light up or look stifled. The size of the mouldings directly depends on the size of the rooms and the number of elements contained in the rooms. If the rooms are large, then purchasing smaller mouldings would not be advisable as they will blend in too much and disappear. Large rooms look perfect when they are dressed up in deep and heavy panel mouldings which are proportional to the size of the walls.

Color of the Mouldings

Use panel moulding colors that are brighter than the wall paints if you want the mouldings to be focal points in the room or colors with a darker shade if you don’t want the mouldings to stand out too much.

Orientation of the Mouldings

There are many types and patterns of panel mouldings you can use in modern interior design. The choice of mouldings will depend on your preferences and how original you dare to be.

Whatever type of panel mouldings you use to spice up your interior and add a decorative element, we have got you covered here at Volterra Architectural Products.  Browse through out mouldings and purchase quality products at a very affordable price.

To learn more about our selection of panel mouldings or any of our other architectural products, visit our website or call us at 602-258-7373.